Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oh, WHY: another bus experience

        As I started my morning out rather ordinary-- walking to the bus stop that takes me to my mum's house-- it finished a little differently. To begin, there I was standing, hoping that the 830 would show up sooner than later. Instead, the 832 pulled up to the stop. "Oh, what the heck" I said to myself as I stepped on the bus. As I took my seat, I looked up and saw a boy I used to know. I used to babysit his little sisters a few years back, and my, was he all grown up. We exchanged glances, and then I went back to looking out the window. I noticed he was wearing headphones, so I took a picture of him (very creepy, I'm aware) and sent it to Land, explaining to her my excitement.
       As the bus ride went on, M.P. and I continued to exchange glances. Everyone else on the bus seemed to disappear, and it felt like he and I were the only people sitting there with a bunch of empty seats in between us. As this was happening, I couldn't help but find myself falling into some kind of love with this boy. As a woman, my brain rapidly began to picture my life with M.P., how cute our children would be, how happy he and I would be, and how darling our house would be. I couldn't help myself.
       However, when I found myself thinking these thoughts, I quickly diverted my attention to something else. "How silly," I thought to myself, "to think of such things!" If he could hear my thoughts, would he run and scream? Or would he simply nod his head in approval and tell me, "Yeah, that sounds good to me." Hahah, what a thought.
His stop came, and he got off the bus. But not without one last glance. Before the bus drove away, he looked at me through the window, and naturally, I was staring right back at him. As the bus drove away, I only wished I had the courage to hold up some kind of a make-shift sign that had my number or at least read, "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL." The solitary look on his face made me think of how nice it'd be to be the one that made him smile.
      So here it is, a truth about love: It is far to easy to fall in to and is terrible to get out of. Sure, I was in love once, but that's a different story. One which doesn't really have any reason to be repeated. It's sad when things end, no? Yet, when I catch myself thinking "What's the point anyway" I have to remind myself to be patient, because good things come to those that wait, right? HAH! Sure, you can wait, but if you don't put forth any effort, then, really, what is the point?
      However, I would provide the advice to be wise with your feelings and to bridle your passions. Falling in a serious kind of love at my age, or really any of my teenage years, I believe is unnecessary. Because sometimes it doesn't mean as much to them as it does to you, or maybe it's the other way around where you're not very "in to" it. There are far more things we could be spending our time doing and far more talents waiting to be discovered and perfected!
      Well, there's my yearly schpeel.
I'll probably look back on this event and say, "Oh, WHY did I tell everyone how cray-cray I am?" or "Oh, WHY did I write such a long post?" or "Oh, WHY don't I actually take my own advice?"
      Hahah. Silly me.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

My little Beva.

Happy Birthday, to the girl who hangs her legs out of the window.
Love you, Land.

Sunday, September 9, 2012


All I can say is, I'm so pleased that this happened. 
I love them together. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012

No more of this

If you walk away, I'll walk away.
First tell me which road you will take. 
I don't wanna risk our paths crossing some day.
So you walk that way, I'll walk this way.